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Friday, December 13, 2013

The abc of fats

Moments in which many sellers and producers of food in the United Kingdom undertake to reduce the levels of food saturated fat, BBC World asks how much we know in fact of different types of fat that are in our diet.

In addition to saturated fats, which are so natural and artificial food are not saturated and trans.
And not all fat is bad; in fact, a bit of fat in the diet helps the body to absorb certain nutrients.
Fat can also be a source of energy and something that provides some essential fatty acids the body and some vitamins A and D.
Then, what type of fat we eat more and what we should try to avoid?
Saturated fat
According to NHS Choices, a British national health system online counselling service, reduce some foods rich in saturated fat is an important part of a healthy diet.
These foods include butter, butter, chocolates, cakes and cookies, and meat products as sausages or meat pies.
Most people eat too much saturated fat: about 20% more than the maximum recommended, as they collect the British Dietetic Association studies.
The British Department of health recommendations say that the average man should not eat more than 30 grams of saturated fat per day, while for women the figure should not be more than 20 grams per day.
A diet rich in saturated fats may increase levels of low density lipoprotein cholesterol or bad cholesterol in the blood over time, which also increases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease.
But that risk has been called into question recently.
The cardiologist Aseem Malhotra wrote recently in the British Medical Journal that saturated fats have been "demonized for decades" by linking them with diseases of the heart, something which, it says, has not been able to be fully tested with scientific evidence.
According to Malhotra, the food industry has offset lower fat saturated with sugar rising.
Unsaturated fats
Having a diet rich in unsaturated fats can help lower bad cholesterol levels in the blood and increase in high density lipoprotein, the so-called good cholesterol.
Saturated fats can be replaced in a balanced diet with healthier fats monounsaturated and polyunsaturated, which are found in many foods such as "blue" fish such as salmon, sardines or mackerel; nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables, including avocado.
Oily fish are rich in fatty acids Omega-3, the richest source of this type of fat polisaturada.

15 Secrets of beauty queens

As the name suggests, it is presumed that being beautiful is the main requirement to participate in a beauty contest.

But the reality is that, although most of the candidates have a natural attraction, it is usual that they resort to makeup, hairstyle and other tricks to optimize its attributes.
To learn a little more about these secrets, a group of experts shares some tricks most popular among beauty queens.
1 Of all-night in the activities of the contest, inflammation in the eye area can be lowered when applied with care a little cream preparation h hemorrhoid But eye, Barber Junior Melendez - responsible for the grooming of the current Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Monic Pérez - emphasizes that it has to be the formula cream, not the ointment.
2. To dawn with his face rested and fresh, Melendez also suggests that they submerge a small towel in ice water while withdrawing all makeup and washing the face. Then applied much moisturizer and eye cream and get wet and cold towel over your face for a few minutes. "Then removed the excess of creams, lying down to sleep and the next day dawn divine," he says.
3. False eyelashes are an essential part of the make-up of the candidates because they make the eyes look more open and bright. When traveling to an international competition, Melendez advised to get a pair for each day, thus avoid possible irritation of the eyes caused by reuse false eyelashes.
4. More than a trick of beauty during training that is given to a candidate, learn how to fix your hair and makeup is very important. "I am with them about four months with intensive training that you learn to fix it. After going to the competition should take care of its arrangement and look good always. For them, the day is long and full of activities. At night come to wash their heads, do the blower and the next day get up early for styling and makeup,"says Melendez.
5. For its part, the stylist Juan Rodríguez - who has worked with Queens as Alba Reyes, Cynthia Olavarría, Zuleyka Rivera and Viviana Ortiz - mentions that one of the most commonly used tricks is the tanning spray sold in pharmacies to make the body look bronzed and match the color of the skin. Davidonne Barber adds to make the skin look natural Golden tone, recommended the Aibrush Shimmer of Sally Hansen because it gives them a touch of color and very beautiful luster.
6. Another secret so that the body's skin looks lustrous and well-moisturized points to the use of creams that have a bit of shine, added Rodriguez.
7. One of the greatest dangers that every woman runs to use hair spray is that combing is a white residue that can be confused with dandruff. Rodriguez mentioned that the line Sebastian Shaper Plus does not have that problem. You can apply it, make a ringer, apply the spray and when loose hair has volume and soft waves and you can comb it many times want.
8. Another way to give volume to fine hair is to apply some mousse and then give good blower, recommends Rodriguez.
9. So swimsuit is not run down place, Aurea Marrero model recommended apply some spray of hair between the bikini and the skin to seal it well or a special adhesive tapes coming for clothing. He used these tricks during her reign as Miss World Puerto Rico in 1997.
10. A Queen should always wear clear face so you can show your beauty, says Davidonne Barber, who has spent 15 years working as Advisor of the prestigious Miss Teen and Miss Petite has also worked for the local franchise for Miss world and Miss Universe. Why should always opt for cuts with long in the front layers and collected to let no loose strands falling on his face.
11. When the candidate has damaged hair there is nothing better than a regime of continuous masks to give brightness and that healthy look you are looking for.
12. The tongs and the electric logs are an essential part of the baggage of a Queen. Davidonne says that after a good blower must be make tongs or put electric logs so that the ends of the hair look beautiful.
13. With the arrival of high-definition television, the amount of makeup that beauty queens use has diminished considerably, says Davidonne. They must now find lighter options that highlight the beauty of your face but without that look as if they put a mask, it added.
14. All the experts interviewed agree that the most popular trick among the Queens of beauty is the use of extensions to achieve a more voluminous hair. A hair with volume always impressive, says Davidonne. While Rodriguez added that this is the look

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shop online to buy club dresses

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The prices were very variants, but we can say that most of the designs have a very expensive value. The site allows us to pay the dresses in different ways, one of the most used is through credit cards and PayPal.

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